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How to upload my payment proof in this forum????
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Upon receiving payment to your Paypal , Bitcoin & Perfect Money follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Paypal , Bitcoin or Perfect Money account
2. Go to payment details and then click on 'Print Screen' (PrntScr) in the keyboard.
3. Open paint and paste (CTRL + V).
4. You can crop or edit it to make it look good, also erase and cover transaction numbers(this is critical because it can be used by a hacker to hack your Paypal , Bitcoin & Perfect Money account).
5. Save(CTRL + S) to save it to your desktop.
6. Go to an image uploader (I highly suggest to upload your image.
7. Get the direct image URL for your payment proof image.
8. Log in to and go to the forum(Payment Proof section)
9. Create new topic,then click the picture icon(4th from left to right just above the smileys)
10. Paste the image url there. Add some comments if you like as appreciation for admin.
11. Your done.
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Thanks admin
Thanks for sharing admin.

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